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boids, boids!

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Now I know the whole bird thing isn’t new … I first started liking bird decals a few years ago, followed by an obsession with owls, and then a little thing for crows, creepy as they may be.  But these days, I’m really into pelicans.


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girl crew

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I never wanted to be a skater… and I still don’t.  But how cool are these girls?

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Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on December 16, 2010

In a film class I took in college, our professor had us chose at the end of the semester between 1. taking a final exam or 2. spending an entire saturday in the viewing room to watch the complete filmography to-date of Terrence Malick.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

This was my introduction to Malick. And let me tell you, six and a half hours of Terrence Malick material in one sitting makes for no easy digestion. This was in 2005, mind you, so we ended with the Thin Red Line.

I was a train-wreck at the outcome, but loved every minute of it: the power and simplicity of each shot, the candor of his characters, the beauty of nature, and the grit of human nature….

I was there on opening night to see A New World less than a month later, and I will there on opening night for this:

oh, the anticipation.

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paris // ny

Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on November 9, 2010

With my semester in New York coming close to its end (just 4 weeks left!), the reality of moving back to Paris this January is really setting in.

…but the anticipation of returning to Paris after 6 years here in the United States has really got me wondering, where do I feel at home?

(images from the cool Paris versus New York )

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Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on September 13, 2010

New apartment, new city, new friends, new vocation…  This basically sums up the three whirlwind weeks that just went by: from the suburbs of Minneapolis to New York’s East Village and from insignificant summer jobs to finding myself engulfed in the great nebulous cloud of academia.  How can learning be so clarifying an experience, and all the while leave you in such a haze of doubt and ambiguity?

I’ve found myself constantly in need of rethinking what I think.

Kind of like this:

I feel as though my perspective has been closing in on itself the past few years.  Maybe it was being out of school for the first time. Or maybe my unfulfilled need for city life…

But I am re-learning now to believe in the legibility of the world around me.

This guy knows what I’m talking about:

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willy nilly

Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on May 22, 2010

This is how I feel sometimes.

(I discovered model Willy Van Rooy thanks to the Sartorialist. I was intrigued by the blog’s brief description of her life and style… and a bit more research on my end turned up this Helmut Newton photograph of her in the early 70s…)

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the ghost writer

Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on May 10, 2010

I recently saw Roman Polanski’s latest – a film of conspiracy and intrigue with a rainy, mysterious aesthetic – which takes place primarily on the beach-side property of a stunning modern New England home.

With a clean minimalist design, a muted wardrobe of  greys and browns , and a hazy-overcast sky… I pretty much wanted to step right through the screen.

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how I come to you

Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on April 1, 2010

Even a rock has insides. Smash one and see how the shock reveals the rough dismantled gut of a thing once dense.  Making the cut into yourself, maybe you hoped for a rock solid through. That hope I hoped, too. I smashed myself and found my heart, a cave, ready to be lived in. This is how I come to you: broken, not what I knew.

(poem – M. Peacock; landscape dyptichs – Joao Henriques; portraits – Garance Doré)

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worth all the fuss

Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on March 26, 2010

If you know me, you are well aware that I hate having to spend excessive time on any given beauty routine. I’ll usually opt out of washing my hair to make styling quicker, and when I have to blow-dry it, I keep my phone close at hand to make sure I never spend more than 10 minutes on the job.

And the same goes for makeup…. Really, when it comes down to it, I like to think of  myself as a hairspray + mascara kind of girl.  Easy and effortless.

That is, until these irresistible shades of OPI start calling my name…  and there’s nothing I can do but spend hours applying base coats and top coats and layers of color and waiting and waiting and waiting for them to dry…

Oh understated neutrals! Oh fleshy muted tones! You truly are my weakness.

And you are so worth all the fuss.

(in order: sand in my suit, chocolate moose, you don’t know jacques)

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