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nantucket rope

Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on August 14, 2011

I was sewing a few weeks ago and began suffering from the same headache I always get after bending over at my sewing machine for too long (posture, people, it’s harder than you think!).  I took a break, and being the unable-to-actually-stop-when-I-take-a-break kind of person that I am, I  started figeting with some scraps of fabric and within minutes, I had something I could I wear around my wrist.

(oh, you say, such resourcefulness!… if only you knew how the fabric originated from the bulk fabric section at ikea 3 years ago, hung for a year as curtains in our sunroom in Chicago, served as moving pads twice (Chicago-Nashville then Nashville-Minneapolis), then was used to make christmas ornaments, a pillow case and two quilts… resourcefulness? my middle name. And yes, in this process, the means derives far, far more pleasure for me than the end.)

But back to the bracelet… as it turns out, I was making my own little make-shift version of a classic Nantucket rope bracelet.

(You know, roughly.)

Who knew??

Available for $10 at jcrew, or $12 at  ralph lauren, or for free in my sewingroomlivingroomkitchencausethey’reallthesameroom-room. (ah, the buzz I get from living in new york.)

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