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Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on December 16, 2010

In a film class I took in college, our professor had us chose at the end of the semester between 1. taking a final exam or 2. spending an entire saturday in the viewing room to watch the complete filmography to-date of Terrence Malick.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

This was my introduction to Malick. And let me tell you, six and a half hours of Terrence Malick material in one sitting makes for no easy digestion. This was in 2005, mind you, so we ended with the Thin Red Line.

I was a train-wreck at the outcome, but loved every minute of it: the power and simplicity of each shot, the candor of his characters, the beauty of nature, and the grit of human nature….

I was there on opening night to see A New World less than a month later, and I will there on opening night for this:

oh, the anticipation.

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