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walking old san juan

Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on August 12, 2010

Who remembers spring break in Puerto Rico?  Rooftop happy hour,  three to a bed, reggaeton dance clubs, and driving through old san juan at 2am with the windows down…

Well it seems some of that might change. And contrary to my usual nostalgic disposition, this is one bit of change I kind of like… The city of San Juan has announced a plan to make Old San Juan entirely pedestrian.  This is only just part of a greater revitalization plan aiming at redeveloping and repopulating the island district of Isleta, of which Old San Juan is a neighborhood.

B y 2030, a proposed light rail system and the reconstruction of large avenues will alleviate traffic where it is still allowed, mixed-use development and preservation of much of the cities crumbling architecture will attract new residents, boosting the economy, and a pedestrian/bikeway connecting parks and the currently inaccessible and to-be-develloped waterfronts will reignite tourism to the area.

The future looks bright for Old San Juan…

PFR 2030, anyone?

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