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Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on February 24, 2010

Generally speaking, it doesn’t take much to give me the urge to bake, but with a rapidly approaching 18-hour road trip in the company of three young men, it was not just an urge, but a sense of duty that led me to make something for the road.

With images of beef jerky flowing from seat-pockets and fluorscent dorido dust coating fingertips, iphones and stearing wheels, I knew I should  go down the healthy route… but who am I to deny my sweet tooth?

Well, thanks to a favorite culinary blog , the solution was not hard to find… So with my suitcase packed and sitting by the door I went to work putting these guys together.

Sans flour, sugar, eggs, or butter… you may wonder how these could possibly taste good,

or how they hold together so beautifully,

but these little guys are my new favorite.

And the best part?  The recipe landed me with exactly 18 cookies – which equals exactly one per hour for the drive… ahem, for one person.

The guys will find their own stuff to snack on along the way, right?

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