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Posted in Uncategorized by stefanie on February 7, 2010

I recently made my first quilt for the birth of my (first) nephew, August.

Yes, I realize I  have set a tough precedent for myself here – with all the nieces and nephews to come. But what I fear the most is not the number of quilts I may have committed myself to making,  it is the thought that August, like any oldest child/grandchild, will grow up to see his siblings and cousins receive far more advanced versions of the same gift as years of practice hone my skills.

I hope he’ll realize how much greater was the emotion, the effort, and the pride that went into this one little quilt than could possibly go into all subsequent quilting projects combined.

A photograph, still unfinished:

For now, no other babies are on the horizon… but the quilting bug is upon me.

More to come on that note.

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